Thomas's injury in June

Thomas Enqvist, who pulled out of the French Open with a foot injury, said he was doubtful for Wimbledon next month.

Enqvist, the world number nine in June, pulled out of the Paris tournament after a freak accident during a training session in Monte Carlo two weeks before Roland-Garros.

"I tripped on a sports bag on the side of the court and got my foot caught. Two tendons went but I thought it was even worse," he said.

Enqvist tried out the left foot during the World Team Cup in Germany.

"During that match I decided not to go to Paris. I knew I needed a match to test it out. When I go flat out it hurts and the foot swells up," he said.

"I don't know about Wimbledon. I'm going to get some treatment but I won't enter if I'm not completely fit," he added.

Text from Nando (Reuter) Page