Thomas Enqvist defeated Sergi Bruguera 7/6(10/8) 7/5 6/2

Q. Was that game out there today as well as you have played in a Grand Slam tournament?
THOMAS ENQVIST: I think I played really well, yes. I have never beaten Sergi before and he is a really tough player so I knew I have to play really well to have a chance to win. I thought I was hitting very well and played my serve which I had to do in the last game and came out winning.

Q. Playing on centre court, did you feel it was better than the other night when you had the roof over the court?
THOMAS ENQVIST: Well, it is a very nice court and I like to play, I think the Australian Open should be played outside and it was nice that the weather was better today. It is a really great court and it is a lot of fun to play out there.

Q. You are the sort of flagship of the Swedish team now with Stefan gone. In Melbourne, how does that feel with all the support you get?
THOMAS ENQVIST: I think all of us get good support here. There is a lot of Swedes coming down to watch us and they have a lot of fun watching us and it is a great feeling to play when they cheer for you. Everybody in the locker room says this is one of our favourite tournaments because of them. We enjoy it a lot.

Q. Do you have a problem with your shoulder?

Q. What kind of problem?
THOMAS ENQVIST: Well, it is a little bit sore and stiff.

Q. There were a couple of lapses there when you looked in both sets as though you may have run away with them. Was that a concern to you at all?

Q. You were well up, I think, in the second set and you let it slip. Is that a concern?
THOMAS ENQVIST: Yes, it was a concern. I think the first set could have gone either way, it was a really close set. I was up 4/1 double break and played against the wind. It was really a little bit tougher to play on that side, actually, so then he played two good games but then I did a really bad game, he broke my serve to 4/4 which was maybe the only one really bad game I did, I think. That was a little bit concern, I was up 4/1 and just a couple of minutes later it was 4/4, but I think at the end of the second set I really played well again and I was playing maybe my best tennis so far this week.

Q. Looking ahead to Rios, you played him at the US Open and you have you had a tough one there. Another tough encounter?
THOMAS ENQVIST: Yes, we played two times, actually, and both went to final set and I have been coming up winning both times but Marcelo is a really tough player and I know that I have to play really well to have a chance to win and hopefully I feel confident and hopefully I can do well and win.

Q. Do you think this is your best, you know, best chance for a Grand Slam that you have probably had, to progress well into the tournament?
THOMAS ENQVIST: I hope so. It is tough to say. These kind of tournaments you really have to play well from the beginning and I feel, like I said, in good shape and hopefully I can continue, but it is small things that decides who is going to win the match or not and hopefully this week I have them and next week I have some luck and come back great and hopefully, you know, win.

Q. Will shoulder cause you any problems against Rios?

Q. What are you doing for it?
THOMAS ENQVIST: Well, I am going to take some treatment. It hurts a bit when I serve and hopefully in a couple of days it will feel better and no problem.

Q. Have you had the injury long?
THOMAS ENQVIST: Well, I have had it for a while but this is a different one where it is more coming down to my arm. You have to hit the balls very hard to get some speed and there is a lot of guys in the locker room that have ice on shoulders and problems in the arms and I feel after a couple of matches that I start to get sore a little.

Text from Australian Open by IBM