An analysis of Thomas's game by Stephane Oberer

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Stephane Oberer is the captain of the Swiss Davis Cup team and the coach of Marc Rosset (he was the coach of Arnaud Boetsch). He breaks down Thomas's game and marks out of 10 each element of his game.

SERVICE: 8 - His first ball is powerful but he often flat serve. He has trouble slicing and taking out his opponent out of the ground. His second ball is kicked. VOLLEY: 6 - Enqvist lacks of net presence. It's a blank in his game. Generally he come up after a strong forehand so he has only easy volleys. His clutches handiccap him.
RETURN: 9 - It's one of his best arms. He is very regular on both sides and takes risks. He's as efficient on clay as on quick grounds. MENTAL: 8 - He improved this domain through Joakim Nyström.
FOREHAND: 9 - If he is confident, he's able to shout winning forehands from every corner of the court. He has the distinctive feature to strecht out his arm to gain more strenght. TOUCH: 7 - He's not really at ease in this domain. Above all, he try to win points by strenght. He'd attempt a passing rather than a lob.
BACKHAND: 8 - As the Swede majority, he plays it with two hands. He lacks a little of power and not often uses sliced backhands. PHYSICS: 8 - He's at once tough and swift. He's well proportionned even if he lacks of litheness. He's not afraid of long matches.